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Spy Phone Shutter Fix

Spy Phone 1.5.6 and Spy Phone Lite 1.6.2 were released today with a fix for the shutter sound on the Motorola Droid X and Razor.

This fix also might work on other makes and models where the shutter sound was present.

Email Templates 1.1.0

Email Templates now includes a faster way to respond to email. While using your existing email client you can access the Email Quickboard through the notification bar. Once you have selected the template you need, the contents of the body and signature are placed onto your clipboard. Paste this into your response, edit and send.

This release includes a redesign of the settings using the build in android preference screens. This change minimizes the amount of work required to add preferences and helps keep a clean standard look.


Spy Phone 1.5.1

Spy Phone started off as a simple application with only a few user settings. With each additional feature, settings have been added to help customize the user experience. These settings have become extremely cluttered and have been a sore spot in my opinion. Spy Phone 1.5.1 will address this issue with a complete rewrite of the settings screen. The settings are now broken down into categories and displayed in different screens to help minimize the clutter.

If you have any suggestions or requests please send an email or tweet my way.

Spy Phone 1.5.0

The latest update of SpyPhone 1.5.0 includes a continuous shooting mode (Auto Shot). This feature is enabled and disabled from the Spy Phone settings screen. You can also configure the amount of time between pictures. To start capturing pictures you can click the camera icon or use the volume buttons on your phone. During this time the camera will continuously take pictures and the status indicator will remain busy (red). At any point you may click the camera icon or press the volume buttons to stop capturing pictures.

The full and demo version of Spy Phone still have the exact same feature set, but the demo version still has a time limit for video & audio recording and the pictures are resized. Both version can be found at the links below.

Android Market Links

Spy Phone

Spy Phone Lite







Droid X Gingerbreak

Droid X finally started receiving the Gingerbread update. Unfortunately this update breaks the silenced shutter in Spy Phone. It looks like Motorola decided to add some features to the OS that are not part of the standard SDK. This morning I tried contacting @motodev through twitter, but haven’t received a response yet. I hope to find a fix for this issue, but i’m not very optimistic at this point.

If anyone has a contact at Motorola that can point me in the right direction, please contact me.

Twitter: @tmccowan

SpyPhone 1.4.1

Spy Phone & Spy Phone Lite received an update today which will help reduce the amount of time it takes to implement a feature and test it across both applications.

A bug was fixed that caused Spy Phone to crash after recording video and using the home button. After this crash occurred, Spy Phone would not operate properly until the application was stopped and restarted.

Market ratings play a very important part of the planning process. Features and bug fixes are addressed based on the needs of users. A new dialog was added that will remind users that they should take a minute to rate the application. If you uncheck the “remind me” check box you won’t see this reminder again while you have the application installed. If you uninstall Spy Phone and reinstall, this setting is wiped out and you will receive another notification. You can also send feedback / requests to

The web view now has a default web address if you haven’t already set one. The website address not longer requires “http://” at the beginning for it to work.

The only change specific to Spy Phone lite so far is the increased recording time. I changed the max audio and video time from 20 seconds to 60 seconds.

Email Templates 1.0.4

Email Templates 1.0.4 was released on the Android Marketplace today with a couple of big improvements. The biggest improvement in this release is support for the K-9 Mail client. K-9 supports sharing emails, which allows you to reply to your existing emails. K-9 version 3.601 only shares the subject and body of the email, but they have added support for the FROM, TO and CC fields as well. While viewing a message in K-9 follow these steps to reply to your email with Email Templates.

  • Click your menu key
  • select “More”
  • select “Share”
  • Select “Email Templates” from the list of applications
  • pick your Template & select your method to send

This releases also improves the way you add file attachments by adding support for additional file managers, etc. I have tested the following applications (note: other file managers may also work, I’ll continue to test and update this list on the main website).

Previously the keyboard would open and take up half the screen when modifying or starting a new template. Now the keyboard will be suppressed until you select a text box to edit.

More updates will be coming, I’m looking to expand the functionality by supporting some additional message types. If you have any suggestions or requests, please send an email to

Spy Phone 1.2.5

Spy Phone has received a couple of big features since the last blog post. The best feature by far, is a fully functioning web browser which allows you surf any website while taking pictures, video & audio. You can also set a custom background wallpaper to disguise your screen. The background image works best if the image matches your screen size exactly. HQ video recording has been added to devices running 2.2 or later. Currently Motorola devices running 2.2 cannot record HQ video and require you to revert the video mode in the settings.

Spy Phone now includes some additional controls to start and stop recording. In addition to the on screen button you can now use the volume buttons, hardware camera button, and D-Pad. These additional controls make Spy Phone easier to use.

An experimental widget has been added that lets you capture images and record audio from the home screen, but this is not guaranteed to work on all phones. I’ve noticed this does not work on the Motorola DROID, but does work on a Nexus One & Nexus S.

Download Here

I’m happy to announce that SivarTech Solutions LLC will be attending Google IO May 10-11 2011 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. We will also be attending the Bootcamp May 9th at the Mission Bay Conference Center.

I’m really grateful for the time and energy Google puts towards educating the development community and appreciate everything they do. On a side note I really hope they fix the registration site for next years registration. With the amount of traffic hammering the registration site, I received 503 error after 503 error. I was pretty sure that I was completely out of luck. The tickets for Google IO 2011 were sold out in 59 minutes! I was lucky to secure a ticket and cannot wait for May!

In anticipation of Google IO 2011 I released a widget to display the days, hours, minutes and seconds remaining until Google IO.

You can download the widget here Android Marketplace (Free)

SpyPhone Update

SpyPhone is currently at release 1.0.12 and I’m almost done with the finishing touches for 1.0. I would have to stay it was a rocky start, because I didn’t have the complete vision of what I wanted or what was expected. I did know that I wanted to make something that kicked butt and blew the competition away. It’s been 10 days since I uploaded SpyPhone (my first mobile app) to the Android market and I am 1 download shy of 50. It has been exciting so far, I’m having a blast writing SpyPhone and thinking of all the features I can throw in there. I already have a nice list of features for the upcoming releases and I’m really excited about adding them in. I hope that everyone is enjoying SpyPhone and looking forward to the future releases.

Today I started investigating possible ways that I could get my hands on devices besides my Motorola DROID. This became even more important after I was informed this morning that video recording was not working on the Nexus One. I signed up for a free trial on, so we will see how this goes. I came really close to purchasing a Nexus One, but decided I should really wait until after Google IO (Who knows what they will give out). Hopefully I can certify SpyPhone on some additional handsets soon.

After I complete the next couple of releases and I feel like SpyPhone has reached a good point, I will have it translated. I plan on releasing SpyPhone with English (currently supported), Japanese, German, Spanish and French.

I am always looking for feedback, so please let me know if you have any requests.

If you like SpyPhone please leave your feedback on the market place, thank you.