Spy Phone has received a couple of big features since the last blog post. The best feature by far, is a fully functioning web browser which allows you surf any website while taking pictures, video & audio. You can also set a custom background wallpaper to disguise your screen. The background image works best if the image matches your screen size exactly. HQ video recording has been added to devices running 2.2 or later. Currently Motorola devices running 2.2 cannot record HQ video and require you to revert the video mode in the settings.

Spy Phone now includes some additional controls to start and stop recording. In addition to the on screen button you can now use the volume buttons, hardware camera button, and D-Pad. These additional controls make Spy Phone easier to use.

An experimental widget has been added that lets you capture images and record audio from the home screen, but this is not guaranteed to work on all phones. I’ve noticed this does not work on the Motorola DROID, but does work on a Nexus One & Nexus S.

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