Spy Phone & Spy Phone Lite received an update today which will help reduce the amount of time it takes to implement a feature and test it across both applications.

A bug was fixed that caused Spy Phone to crash after recording video and using the home button. After this crash occurred, Spy Phone would not operate properly until the application was stopped and restarted.

Market ratings play a very important part of the planning process. Features and bug fixes are addressed based on the needs of users. A new dialog was added that will remind users that they should take a minute to rate the application. If you uncheck the “remind me” check box you won’t see this reminder again while you have the application installed. If you uninstall Spy Phone and reinstall, this setting is wiped out and you will receive another notification. You can also send feedback / requests to support@sivartech.com.

The web view now has a default web address if you haven’t already set one. The website address not longer requires “http://” at the beginning for it to work.

The only change specific to Spy Phone lite so far is the increased recording time. I changed the max audio and video time from 20 seconds to 60 seconds.