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Spy Phone 1.5.1

Spy Phone started off as a simple application with only a few user settings. With each additional feature, settings have been added to help customize the user experience. These settings have become extremely cluttered and have been a sore spot in my opinion. Spy Phone 1.5.1 will address this issue with a complete rewrite of the settings screen. The settings are now broken down into categories and displayed in different screens to help minimize the clutter.

If you have any suggestions or requests please send an email or tweet my way.

Spy Phone 1.5.0

The latest update of SpyPhone 1.5.0 includes a continuous shooting mode (Auto Shot). This feature is enabled and disabled from the Spy Phone settings screen. You can also configure the amount of time between pictures. To start capturing pictures you can click the camera icon or use the volume buttons on your phone. During this time the camera will continuously take pictures and the status indicator will remain busy (red). At any point you may click the camera icon or press the volume buttons to stop capturing pictures.

The full and demo version of Spy Phone still have the exact same feature set, but the demo version still has a time limit for video & audio recording and the pictures are resized. Both version can be found at the links below.

Android Market Links

Spy Phone

Spy Phone Lite







Droid X Gingerbreak

Droid X finally started receiving the Gingerbread update. Unfortunately this update breaks the silenced shutter in Spy Phone. It looks like Motorola decided to add some features to the OS that are not part of the standard SDK. This morning I tried contacting @motodev through twitter, but haven’t received a response yet. I hope to find a fix for this issue, but i’m not very optimistic at this point.

If anyone has a contact at Motorola that can point me in the right direction, please contact me.

Twitter: @tmccowan