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Email Templates 1.1.0

Email Templates now includes a faster way to respond to email. While using your existing email client you can access the Email Quickboard through the notification bar. Once you have selected the template you need, the contents of the body and signature are placed onto your clipboard. Paste this into your response, edit and send.

This release includes a redesign of the settings using the build in android preference screens. This change minimizes the amount of work required to add preferences and helps keep a clean standard look.


Email Templates 1.0.4

Email Templates 1.0.4 was released on the Android Marketplace today with a couple of big improvements. The biggest improvement in this release is support for the K-9 Mail client. K-9 supports sharing emails, which allows you to reply to your existing emails. K-9 version 3.601 only shares the subject and body of the email, but they have added support for the FROM, TO and CC fields as well. While viewing a message in K-9 follow these steps to reply to your email with Email Templates.

  • Click your menu key
  • select “More”
  • select “Share”
  • Select “Email Templates” from the list of applications
  • pick your Template & select your method to send

This releases also improves the way you add file attachments by adding support for additional file managers, etc. I have tested the following applications (note: other file managers may also work, I’ll continue to test and update this list on the main website).

Previously the keyboard would open and take up half the screen when modifying or starting a new template. Now the keyboard will be suppressed until you select a text box to edit.

More updates will be coming, I’m looking to expand the functionality by supporting some additional message types. If you have any suggestions or requests, please send an email to