SpyPhone is currently at release 1.0.12 and I’m almost done with the finishing touches for 1.0. I would have to stay it was a rocky start, because I didn’t have the complete vision of what I wanted or what was expected. I did know that I wanted to make something that kicked butt and blew the competition away. It’s been 10 days since I uploaded SpyPhone (my first mobile app) to the Android market and I am 1 download shy of 50. It has been exciting so far, I’m having a blast writing SpyPhone and thinking of all the features I can throw in there. I already have a nice list of features for the upcoming releases and I’m really excited about adding them in. I hope that everyone is enjoying SpyPhone and looking forward to the future releases.

Today I started investigating possible ways that I could get my hands on devices besides my Motorola DROID. This became even more important after I was informed this morning that video recording was not working on the Nexus One. I signed up for a free trial on http://www.deviceanywhere.com, so we will see how this goes. I came really close to purchasing a Nexus One, but decided I should really wait until after Google IO (Who knows what they will give out). Hopefully I can certify SpyPhone on some additional handsets soon.

After I complete the next couple of releases and I feel like SpyPhone has reached a good point, I will have it translated. I plan on releasing SpyPhone with English (currently supported), Japanese, German, Spanish and French.

I am always looking for feedback, so please let me know if you have any requests.

If you like SpyPhone please leave your feedback on the market place, thank you.